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Windows Movie Maker for windows 7...


                     This is video editing software (Windows Movie Maker) that is a part of Microsoft's Windows Essentials software suite. Windows Movie Maker offers the ability to 
create and edit videos. And also you can publish them to SkyDrive, Facebook and YouTube free of charge. Windows Movie Maker has been in every version of Windows since me., XP and Vista. but it's not in Windows 7. This Windows Movie Maker software is very good and useful software. It is free ware software. 
                 This Windows Movie Maker software is not in windows 7. If you want this software then you want to download using this link. 

This Software has several kind of version those are,

Windows Movie Maker 1.0 to 2.5
Windows Movie Maker 6.0
Windows Live Movie Maker 2009 (Wave 3)
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 (Wave 4)
Windows Movie Maker 2012 (Wave 5)

Windows Movie Maker 2012 (Wave 5)

                 This is the newest version of the Windows Movie Maker. It was released on 2012 August 7, for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. 

This is the way how to install  this software. 

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