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Share your Status on Multiple Facebook Groups...

I think this post is very useful to all of the facebook members.This post is the one Amazing Feature of Facebook

                           Facebook always gains you visitor, traffic, exposure and all other means of taking your website to the top level. In that reason you share your stuff in groups and pages on facebook which takes a lot of time and usually sometimes you miss some groups. Do you like to Share your status on multiple Facebook groups in one click? Then this is the best way to do that one, using this web site you can easy to update your status in lot of facebook groups in one time. 

1). Click here and go to the site.

2). Then click Connect button.

3). After click Connect button click Go to App button.

4). Then you can see like this kind of interface.

5). In there you want to fill your message details.

6). After fill all text boxes you want to select what are the Groups do you want to publish your post. If you want to publish your post in all of your Facebook groups then put  “ Select All ” tick mark.

7). Then click “ Post ” button.

That’s all…..

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